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[audio]Harrison - dfh
Frances Harrison
Keywords: bias
Downloads: 80
[audio]harrison - dfh
Frances Harrison
Keywords: Bias
Downloads: 54
[audio]frances harrison - dfh
BBC blames US for Iranian plane crashes
Keywords: bias; BBC
Downloads: 98
[movies]Customer Bias
Conditions for a study on customer bias.
Keywords: customer; bias
Downloads: 29
[texts]Bias Soundsoap
Looking for Bias SoundSoap 2.0 prices? Shop for newer, similar products at the best prices Get the best price on Bias SoundSoap 2 when you shop at 8thstreet.com Free Shipping on most orders and professional sales assistance available BIAS have released SoundSoap Pro 2 - a major upgrade to their professional audio noise reduction and restoration software suite for Mac and Windows computing platforms...
Keywords: Bias Soundsoap
Downloads: 36
[texts]11. Humanities THE IMPACT OF BEHAVIORAL BIASES ON INVESTOR DECISIONS Zipporah Nyaboke Onsomu - Zipporah Nyaboke Onsomu
This research paper seeks to identify behavioral biases which affect individual investors at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. In addition, the relationship between gender and the behavioral biases was investigated. To conduct the study, questionnaires were issued to investors of Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya. A total of 58 investors responded of which 69% were men and 31% were women. Data collected for this study was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson Chi-square test...
Keywords: Behavioral Finance; Availability Bias; Representativeness Bias; Confirmation Bias; Disposition Effect and Overconfidence Bias
[audio]Faith Filled Relationships Pt.4
Removing the bias
Keywords: Jesus; Bias; God; Faithfilled
Downloads: 18
[texts]Guidelines for expressing the uncertainty of measurement results containing uncorrected bias (Volume 102) - Phillips, SD
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: expanded uncertainty; bias; error
Downloads: 157
[texts]Calculation of measurement uncertainty using prior information (Volume 103) - Phillips, SD
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: bias; Bayesian; error; uncertainty
Downloads: 96
[audio]Normal Bias - 1 - A Tribute To Tony D - Normal Bias
For the debut episode of the Normal Bias podcast, I pay tribute to hip-hop producer, MC, and DJ Tony D who died in a car accident five years ago. In addition to classic and unreleased tracks recorded by Tone and beats that go for miles, I welcome some of the many talented artists and people that worked with Tone over the years. YZ, BeFyne, Mr. Law, Shawn Lov, G from WPRB, and Dre spend almost two hours sharing their memories of Tony and paying tribute to the man...
Keywords: podcast; normal bias
Downloads: 75
[audio]Schmitz Park Elementary School Gender, Bias, Aggression - Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee
90 Minute presentation delivered to Schmitz Park Elementary School first and second grade parents and teachers. Odd Girls Out. Queen Bees. Girl Bullying. When did we lose our sweet little girls? Examine the cross-section of socio-emotional development, gender bias, and adolescence in the emergence of the âMean Girlâ phenomenon. What can we do as parents, educators, and supporters to promote healthy relationship among girls?
Keywords: gender; bias; aggression; bullying; resource; parent; girls; gender bias; presentation
Downloads: 148
[audio]Confirmation Bias - trendmovements.com
Tahric talks about how confirmation biases can affect trading profit and beliefs in general
Keywords: confirmation bias; psychology; trading; bias; tahric finn; chad omar grant
Downloads: 3
[audio]0316 Basstest
bass test, tape
Keywords: tape; reeltoreel; bias; distortion; bass
Downloads: 29
[texts]It’s a man's world... - hemant pandey
Itâs a man's world...
Keywords: man; world; gender bias; poetry
Downloads: 31
[audio]sudaca2dejulio2011Fundación Farinello Quilmes - Correa
sudaca2dejulio2011Fundación Farinello Quilmes
Keywords: sudaca; quilmes; farinello; fundafar; bias
Downloads: 4
[movies]Birth of a Network (teaser)
This short video reveals what's wrong with TV news and outlines a bold new plan to build a global independent alternative. Featuring interviews with Phyllis Bennis, Salih Booker, Jeff Cohen, Laura Flanders, Linda Foley, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Bob McChesney, Joanne St. Lewis, and Independent World Television Chair Paul Jay
Keywords: tv news independent media bias
Downloads: 872
[audio]The Restoration of America - Adrian Vance
Public employee unions are now using thug and Mafia style tactics to fight the actions of Wisconsin Governor Walker. Wisconsin major media have ignored this while doing everything they could to find racism in the Tea Party, but now are having to report what is really going on. Nonetheless, defeat of the recall Republican efforts on the part of unions is not assured such is the state of the public mind; one confused by biased media.
Keywords: Wisconsin; union thugs; media bias; recall elections
Downloads: 6
[audio]Radio Inteligentaindigena News Summary 03-25-2008 - Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo / Intelligent Aboriginal News Service
The Angryindian discusses the Rev. J. Wright, FOX News racism propaganda and the reason Barack Obama sticks close to his mentor.
Keywords: obama; barack; elections; racism; bias; angryindian; hannity
Downloads: 471
[movies]Is the Wikipedia Neutral? - George Chriss
Joseph Reagle's presentation at Wikimania 2006 held August 4-6th, 2006 in Boston, MA. Additional information may be found at the following URL: http://wikimania2006.wikimedia.org/wiki/Proceedings:JR1 Released under the GNU General Free Documentation License v. 1.2 and Creative Commons v. 3.0 U.S. dual licenses. You may select the license of your choice. The opinions expressed in this session do not necessarily represent those of the Wikimedia Foundation or other participants...
Keywords: Wikimania; Wikipedia; Wikimedia; Neutrality; Media bias; POV
Downloads: 54
[texts]A Million-Second Chandra View of Cassiopeia A - Hwang, Una
We introduce a million-second observation of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The bipolar structure of the Si-rich ejecta (NE jet and SW counterpart) is clearly evident in the new images, and their chemical similarity is confirmed by their spectra. These are most likely due to jets of ejecta as opposed to cavities in the circumstellar medium, since we can reject simple models for the latter...
Downloads: 51
This is a promotional mixtape of ZED BIAS (Sick Trumpet UK) the infamous 2 step dj-producer who has also move into broken beats, house and techno. (Sep 2007) Zed Bias is available for DJ tours. Please contact nomsta@gmail.com for Asia bookings. (Sep 2007) --
Keywords: zed bias; gooodness; asia; house music
Downloads: 134
[texts]Experiential Avoidance and Attention to Emotional Stimuli
Experiential avoidance (EA) is a maladaptive coping strategy that involves avoiding unwanted internal experiences (i.e., thoughts, emotions, and physiological sensations). Although a high level of EA is associated with increased psychological distress and several forms of psychopathology, there is a lack of research on cognitive factors involved in EA. To examine whether individuals high in EA may be more sensitive to noticing negative emotional stimuli, participants with either high (n = 22) or...
Keywords: Experiential Avoidance; Attention Bias; Stroop Task
Downloads: 18
[audio]WCB 2014 March 30 - MayorsManor.com
WCB 03-30-14 WEST COAST BIAS on NHL Netowrk Radio
Keywords: NHL; hockey; radio; WCB; West Coast Bias
Downloads: 228
[texts]Fuzzy clustering Approach in segmentation of T1-T2 brain MRI
Segmentation is a difficult and challenging problem in the magnetic resonance images, and it considered as important in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Many researchers have applied various techniques however fuzzy c-means (FCM) based algorithms is more effective compared to other methods. In this paper, we present a novel FCM algorithm for weighted bias (also called intensity  in-homogeneities) estimation and segmentation of MRI...
Keywords: Bias field; MRI; FCM; Segmentation; Data analysis
Downloads: 54
[texts]Don’t Insult Our Intelligence: - AP Communications
An Indigenist Examination of the Ron Paul Scandal and its Political Impact on the African Community in America
Keywords: fascism; racism; far-right; bias; discrimination; politics
Downloads: 156
[movies]Media Monopoly in New Brunwick - Professor Erin Steuter
Presentation about The Only Voice in Town: Inside the Media Monopoly of New Brunswick from the New Brunswick Social Forum 2008
Keywords: Irving; Media; bias; New Brunswick; monopoly
Downloads: 585
We talk about the business of video game reviews. How much of a game review is honest opinion, and how much of it is advertising? Do professional publications stand to profit from giving a game a positive review, even if it might be inflated? What influence do non-professional reviewing have on the industry? All music used belongs to their respective games/studios/composers/developers/etc.
Keywords: downloadable content; dlc; video games; reviews; bias; media; media bias; game reviews
Downloads: 133
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: How to Design Analog Circuits-Biasing Transistors
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: How to Design Analog Circuits-Biasing Transistors
Keywords: circuit; voltage; collector; bias; leakage; stability; equal; transistor; collector current; leakage current; base current; bias circuit; stability factors; operating point; cambridge learning; voltage developed; proper bias; computer logic
Downloads: 59
[movies]Traveling and Growing with Peter (Video) - Rick Brown
Pastor Rick Brown gives a sermon on pushing past biases based on Acts 9:32-10:23.
Keywords: Acts; Apostles; Bible; Pastor Rick Brown; Paul; ministry; bias
Downloads: 110
[movies]p335 Wasting Resources - Andrew B, Sarah H, Jeong K, Sam T.
Intentionally wasting resources and wasting resources via acts of omission are equally bad for the environment. Omission Bias is the tendency to judge harmful actions as worse, or less moral, than equally harmful omissions (inactions) so when faced with a choice, people do nothing. We are morally obligated to take action and we should. (Sunstein, 2005)
Keywords: p335; omission bias; ben motz; wasting resources
Downloads: 21
[audio]At Least You're Trying- P2E2- The Lost Email Sessions - Jody & Matt
You guys, we are so sorry. Yeah, we sort-of knew the email was broken when we didn't here peep the last few weeks, but we didn't know we had so much thoughtful and supportive feedback sitting there waiting for us. Also, we do lots of follow-up.
Keywords: Email; File-drawer-effect; publication bias; feedback; ninja test; podcast
[audio]Caitlin Hendricks Fat Studies
Podcast project for Oregon State University PSY 499
Keywords: DJ Lil Sis Psych 499 Psychology Weight Bias
Downloads: 17
[audio]sudaca10deseptiembre-con BIAS en Quilmes - Victor Correa
sudaca10deseptiembre-con BIAS en Quilmes
Keywords: sudaca; BIAS; Quilmes; Negro; Teneinte Dan; tres arroyos
Downloads: 4
[audio]2010-04-02 (Good Friday) Condemned or No Condemnation - Ron L Clark, Faith Memorial Baptist Church, Overton, NS, Canada
This sermon on Mark 14:53-65 notes the wicked and unjust treatment of the Lord Jesus Christ by the religious leaders of the day and relates how unbelief is to treat Christ in a similar fashion.
Keywords: Judgment; The Judge; Unjust; Bias; Condemned; No Condemnation
Downloads: 1
[audio]July 23 Podcast - Bill McClure
Summary of Roanoke Times editors backrounds
Keywords: Roanoke Times; liberal; bias; editors backrounds; Roanoke Virginia
Downloads: 100
[texts]6. Effect Of Partially.full
Daily usage of such systems usually produces non-uniform string connected behavior due to partial or total shading. In these conditions, less illuminated cells transform into power receivers, thus producing supplementary lossesand local panel heating. This problem, known as mismatch (hot-spot), can reduce the power output of the array and lead to cell degradation through localized heating of individual cells...
Keywords: Shading; Reverse Bias; Hot Spot; Shading Effects; Power Dissipation
Downloads: 1
[audio]Traveling and Growing with Peter (Audio) - Rick Brown
Pastor Rick Brown gives a sermon on pushing past biases based on Acts 9:32-10:23.
Keywords: Acts; Apostles; Bible; Pastor Rick Brown; Paul; ministry; bias
Downloads: 53
[audio]At Least You're Trying- Pilot 2-1- Cognitive Load - Jody & Matt
Oh boy, a real topic (or three)! This week Jody and Matt discuss "conventional wisdom," and when it isn't so wise. Also: getting older and fear. Again.
Keywords: Conventional Wisdom; logical fallacies; conformation bias; wine tasting; podcast
Downloads: 19
[audio]Turn Off Fox TV - Robert C Reynolds
A song protesting the bias and irresponsibilty of the FOX News network.
Keywords: FOX News; bias; Glenn Beck; Bill O'Reilly
Downloads: 25
[audio]Survivorship Bias - trendmovements.com
how survivorship bias can cause us to not appreciate our own success.
Keywords: survivorship bias; success; psychology; mental; tahric finn; chad grant
Downloads: 2
[texts]BSTJ 57: 5. May-June 1978: An Automatic Bias Control (ABC) Circuit for Injection Lasers. (Albanese, A.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 57: 5. May-June 1978 pp 1533-1544. An Automatic Bias Control (ABC) Circuit for Injection Lasers. (Albanese, A.)
Keywords: laser; circuit; abc; output; bias; threshold; current; voltage; injection; junction; output light; operational amplifier; abc circuit; automatic bias; laser output; system technical; bias current; bias control; junction voltage; laser junction
Downloads: 17
[movies]Liberal Bias Blog
LiberalBias.com is your reliable source for exposing numbers, facts, and figures that do not conform to conservative ideals. Here we have developed our very own system, The Liberal Bias Index™ for numerically tracking changes in liberal bias over time. This system helps you get conversant with political satire news, political humor and liberal thoughts that are being entertained by people in our culture...
Keywords: tea party; conservative; republican; satire; liberal bias blog
Downloads: 8
[movies]The Amazing Bullshit Filter! - NoiseCollector
The infomercial they don't want you to see about an amazing product that could revolutionize the way we view cable news. As seen on Youtube!
Keywords: bullshit; filter; MSNBC; newspeak; media bias; failure; dystopia; ruin; fun
Downloads: 411 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]At Least You're Trying- P2E3- The Lost Email Sessions - Jody & Matt
You guys, we are so sorry. Yeah, we kind of knew the email was broken when it went all quiet for a few weeks, but we didn't know there was all this great, supportive feedback waiting for us there. This week, we make it right... and do tons of follow-up, obviously.
Keywords: Email; File-drawer-effect; publication bias; feedback; ninja test; podcast
Downloads: 13
[audio]Ven. Keoun Ravy's defrocking order after false accusation - RFA Report - KI Letters
Ven. Keoun Ravy's defrocking order after false accusation - RFA Report
Keywords: Hochimonk; CPP-bias; Ven; Koeun Ravy; Battambang; Buddhism; SRP; NRP
Downloads: 677
[texts]Sensor fault detection and diagnosis simulation of a helicopter engine in an intelligent control framework - Litt, Jonathan
This paper presents an application of a fault detection and diagnosis scheme for the sensor faults of a helicopter engine. The scheme utilizes a model-based approach with real time identification and hypothesis testing which can provide early detection, isolation, and diagnosis of failures. It is an integral part of a proposed intelligent control system with health monitoring capabilities. The intelligent control system will allow for accommodation of faults, reduce maintenance cost, and increas...
Downloads: 163
[texts]Progress in the development of lightweight nickel electrode for aerospace applications - Britton, Doris L
The NASA Lewis Research Center is currently developing nickel electrodes for nickel-hydrogen (Ni-H2) cells and batteries. These electrodes are lighter in weight and have higher specific energy than the heavy sintered state of the art nickel electrodes. In the present approach, lightweight materials or plaques are used as conductive supports for the nickel hydroxide active material. These plaques (fiber, felt, and nickel plated plastic) are fabricated into nickel electrodes by electrochemically i...
Downloads: 144
[texts]Brief Communication: Buoyancy-Induced Differences in Soot Morphology - Ku, Jerry C.
Reduction or elimination of buoyancy in flames affects the dominant mechanisms driving heat transfer, burning rates and flame shape. The absence of buoyancy produces longer residence times for soot formation, clustering and oxidation. In addition, soot pathlines are strongly affected in microgravity. We recently conducted the first experiments comparing soot morphology in normal and reduced-gravity laminar gas jet diffusion flames...
Downloads: 99
[audio]4th World Radyo: Deconstructing Popular Activism And Absolutism Within The New Left : (04.03.2014) - APcommunications
(Strong Language and Subject Matter Advisory) TheAngryindian presents his analysis of the #CancelColbert Internet scandal and the unintended consequences of Left-Wing political fallout as the original anti-Redskins mascot debate became instead centred around US activist Suey Park and the newfangled zealotry of Obama-era progressive activism. American African clinical psychologist, Dr. Na’im Akbar, speaks on the damage done by Europocentric racialism within an internalised colonial state of aff...
Keywords: Redskins; bias; activism; afro-indio; commentary; podcast; progressives
Downloads: 482
[texts]Journalism 2012 Berry 1464884912458654
This research examines how BBC Radio 4’s Today programme reported on the 2008 banking crisis. Six weeks of coverage were analysed in order to identify patterns of source access and how these impacted on the range of debate offered to listeners. Results indicated that City sources dominated coverage, particularly during the two-week period around the British bank rescue plan. The consequence of this was that listeners were offered a prescribed range of debate on the UK government’s bank res...
Keywords: BBC; Today; Berry; PDF; text; bias; media; news; finance; research
Downloads: 40
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